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BANE E-Liquid 60ML Chubby


 Product Description

BANE E-Liquid




60ML Chubby Gorilla Bottles

Calder – Bane E Liquid

 This is a blend that is going to make your fruit salad taste like no other. Calder is an interesting mix that gives you exotic fruits with some tropical fruits as well. The main ingredients in this e liquid are dragon fruit and lychee fruit. However, do not expect this e liquid to only surprise you with Asian fruits. They are also giving you tropical fruits that might be difficult to disclose only because the dragon fruit and the lychee might be stealing the show. When you first take a pull of this e liquid, you can taste the sweetness coming from the dragon fruit and the lychee, which is excellent because the tropical fruits used in this blend have a tart flavor. This blend gives you the sweet and sour combination that a lot of us desire. You may get a couple hints of raspberry and kiwi, but nothing too explosive. As you keep savoring this e liquid, you are also realizing how smooth it is traveling throughout your body and giving you a relaxed sensation. The lychee is making your mouth water because of how fresh it is, and the dragon fruit is making you feel as if you can almost chew on the seeds that are coming with the fruit. This e liquid may give you the sensation that it is taking over your body, but you show them they are not by exhaling and letting the vapor out. You see the clouds getting bigger and bigger, but you expected this because Calder is a unique blend that gives you an intense amount of taste. You feel the tropical fruits leaving, and then you feel the Asian fruits exiting. Once you are in the clear, you go for another pull because everything about this experience was just amazing. Good thing Calder is available in a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle for you to enjoy whenever you want. They are keeping the fruits coming, as you keep your vaping going.


Bjorn – Bane E Liquid

Doesn’t a fruit cocktail made from peaches and strawberries sound good right about now? Bjorn is an e liquid that is giving you a tropical feel without you having to leave the comfort of your home while there is a blizzard going on outside. Bjorn is part of the Bane E Liquid collection and it is demonstrating why these two fruits belong together. The Strawberries will be sweet as can be and the peaches will be ripe as if they were freshly picked from the peach state herself Atlanta, Georgia. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you can feel the peaches burst in making sure you are surprised with a ton amount of flavor right of the back. The peaches go all over the place before you have even got to the strawberries. Eventually, you begin to get the sweet taste of the strawberries that might give you a little tart flavor but are also giving you a lot of sweetness to go around. As you begin to savor the blend, you realize that the fruit flavors are so powerful that you start to realize you were handed a virgin cocktail. However, you are not upset about it because it is still very tasty. As it slowly creeps down your throat, you are not receiving much of a throat hit, but you are still getting all the strength this e liquid has to offer. You want to keep drinking this cocktail without stopping, but you also need to breathe. As the exhaling process begins, you can smoothly feel the vapor exiting your mouth and into the air. The clouds are huge, but you love watching them leave and vanish into thin air. They are also leaving behind an aromatic scent, so you are not mad at it. Bjorn comes in a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle, so you have several cocktails to enjoy before the e liquid is gone.

Rite – Bane E Liquid

 How about a nice e liquid to give you an amazing creamy sensation to make you feel warm inside? Rite is giving you a blend that is similar to caramel but does not allow you to confuse the two because they both still give you distinctive flavors. Dulce de leche combines milk and sugar to give you a sweet and creamy sensation, whereas caramel combines water and sugar. When you take a hit of Rite, you can almost instantly get the smooth feeling of the milk traveling around your mouth and down your throat. It may feel as if you are drinking a glass of thick milky drink like eggnog, but not with the same flavor. Some might get the feeling as if they are eating a freshly baked pastry that was glazed with dulce de leche to give it some extra sweetness. The creamy sensation is just one that you do not want to let go of so soon because it is so savory. As you slowly begin to exhale, you get the taste of the creamy dulce de leche leaving your mouth in big thick clouds that smell delicious. You want to taste the clouds, but instead of looking ridiculous licking the air, you grab your vape pen and take another pull. There is 60ml of Rite e liquid in every chubby gorilla bottle, so you will not have to worry about this creamy feeling leaving you so soon. You may even want to share this experience with others by letting them try some, but then again, maybe you want to keep it all to yourself. Whatever you choose to do, we will not judge, because we know this e liquid may not be like any other creamy e liquid on the market. Dulce de leche is a smooth flavor that Rite did an excellent job providing for us.

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 Product Reviews

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    Posted by on 8th May 2018

    I ordered this juice, was expecting more of a kiwi flavor but its mostly dragonfruit. I wasn't too much of a fan, but it was okay, personally. It kind of has like an almost unripe fruit flavor, but still genuinely sweet tasting.

    I've been more of a PJ BROS Dessert kind of guy.

    I should also mention I've never actually had dragonfruit but have had kiwi LOL.

    I wouldn't say its bad, but for ME it's not my favorite.

    Who's to say it wouldn't be yours though!? Give it a try, buy it!

  2. looking for a Sweet and Grainy Dulche de Leche Flavor? THIS IS IT!!, 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th May 2018

    This is by far one of the most Flavor packed Dulche de Leche Flavor I have had in my 5 Years of Vaping.
    Sweet, Grainy, and just the right touch of Cream to make this smooth and delectable flavor burst!
    I have no words of higher praise, as this is honestly one of my new ALL TIME Favorites!

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