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Bargain Corner

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  • Includes 
1 Black Delrin Chuff (Not pictured)
1 gunmetal straight barrel for the 28mm Sherman RDA
1 Full Ultem chuff cap
1 Black Velvet Pouch
    28mm Sherman RDA Cloud Cap - Gunmetal & Stainless Steel
    The Sherman RDA Cloud Cap Chuff comes includes a full size ultem chuff cap and Sherman RDA Barrel. There is no extra airflow on the barrel. The larger chuff cap reduces heat transfer to your mouth due to the surface...

  • Single 20700 Battery
    IJOY 20700 Battery
      IJOY 20700 BATTERY     - Size: 20700 - Type: Li-Ni (High Drain) - Typical Capacity: 3030mAh - Min Capacity: 3000mAh - Nominal Voltage: 3.7V - Peak Voltage: 4.2V - Cut-off Voltage: 2.5V -...

  • 5 FT Organic Cotton
    Thirsty Cotton
    5ft of premium ready to vape organic cotton. Durable and long lasting with no cotton taste! Cotton is in solid strand form thick enough to wick a 5mm coil. Produced just for vaping...

  • Wet Towel Windshield Glass Cleaning Wipe
    Wet Towel Windshield Glass Cleaning Wipe
    One individually wrapped 12x12" wet towel Automotive Windshield Cleaner Glass Cleaning Wipe for all types of automotive and household window glass Excellent cleaning strength Streak...