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PJ Bros. Vape Juice Now Sold At Vapor4Life Vape Shop In Northbrook, IL

Green Bay, Madison, Eau Claire, and other Wisconsin favorites have found a second home in Illinois. Vapor4Life, just a scenic drive south of the PJ Bros. headquarters, is now selling PJ. Bros. eliquid.

Established in 2008, Vapor4Life has been around longer than most vape shops and has a huge online presence and ultra-loyal customer base behind it. Their mission pairs well with the PJ Bros. mission: to offer high-end vape products and an unparalleled customer experience.

You can check out Vapor4LIfe’s PJ Bros.E-juice selection online. If you find yourself in Northbrook, stop by the Vapor4Life vape shop and grab a bottle or two. You’ll make some friends and get some affordable, delicious e-juice too!

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Elon Musk, the Savior of Vaping!

Elon Musk could save vaping!SpaceX launched the most powerful rocket to date into space on 02/06/2018, along with it a Telsa Roadster on a path to pass Mars and toward the Asteroid Belt. Musk intends to colonize Mars one day, he has enough success in the rearview and ambition to pull it off. Manned missions to Mars haven’t been [...]

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Can I bring my vape on a plane?

Travelling on an airplane can be interesting when bringing your vape devices and liquids. E-Cigarettes are not permitted in checked luggage due to the nature of battery safety. Regulations vary from country to country and TSA Agents aren’t perfect and you need to make their job easier if you want a hassle free security screening.  How can I streamline my [...]

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PJ Bros Offers a Free Shipping Coupon Code

Enter coupon code "ShipFree" at checkout to eliminate shipping costs for orders over $1.00PJ Bros has created flavors to suit your all day vape habit:Green Bay - Sweet Lemon Cheesecake is an award winning flavor that fights the stereotype of lemon vapes... the awful lemon vapes that people may have tried in the past that [...]

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Video Link:https://youtu.be/1UCWmFrOh-AFully Baked | Hunter Vaping Legislation Ready to Replace Deeming RegsBY BRENT STAFFORDDays could be numbered for the notorious FDA deeming regulations as efforts to repeal and replace gain new momentum. Next week the U.S. Congress is back in session and if all goes according to plan, Rep. Duncan Hunter will introduce comprehensive legislation [...]

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Unsung hero of rural America

Fred Kelly Grant instructs local officials how to beat environmental nanniesBy Kathy Hoekstra - - Thursday, April 13, 2017ANALYSIS/OPINION:While President Trump and Congress tackle federal regulations and the agencies that promulgate them, Fred Kelly Grant is quietly doing the same — and succeeding — with the most powerful weapon you’ve likely never heard of.It’s called [...]

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​FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb Defends Tobacco Harm Reduction

FDA Commissioner Nominee Scott Gottlieb Endorses/Defends Tobacco Harm Reduction "In areas where there’s an inherent, obvious, and seemingly unavoidable risk related to certain consumer products - whether it is combustible tobacco or dangerously addictive opioid drugs - we have the opportunity to help consumers move to less risky alternatives." Scott Gottlieb, MD, statement to US Senate [...]

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Attack on e-cigs, corruption at the top

Despite a mounting body of evidence... the FDA refuses to acknowledge e-cigarettes as less harmful than cigarettes... opting to regulate them out of business, rather than embrace them as a way to save some of the 400,000 Americans who die each year to smoking related illnesses (and causing disease for 16 million more.)And guess what...Some [...]

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