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Elon Musk, the Savior of Vaping!

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Elon Musk could save vaping!

SpaceX launched the most powerful rocket to date into space on 02/06/2018, along with it a Telsa Roadster on a path to pass Mars and toward the Asteroid Belt. Musk intends to colonize Mars one day, he has enough success in the rearview and ambition to pull it off. Manned missions to Mars haven’t been officially announced yet, but if Musk intends to be the first successful manned mission to Mars, wouldn’t he own the planet?

The FDA intends to destroy the vape industry in November 8th, 2022 due to the “Deeming Rule” based on requiring a Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) which is estimated to cost manufacturers upwards of $200,000 per SKU to file. The lengthy and uncertain PMTA process doesn’t guarantee FDA approval, or give a reasonable timeline for approval post submission. PMTA submissions are required for products introduced to the market prior to August 8th, 2016 which means 99.9999999% of the items on the market today will not be available post 2022 due to the cost burden, approval length, and inability for manufacturers to afford the PMTA process.

Should Elon Musk successfully colonize Mars in the early 2020’s, it’s highly unlikely he would ban electronic cigarettes due to the lack of State dependency for the 1998Master Settlement Agreement funding from Tobacco sales (which “tobacco companies have already paid $100 billion to state governments as part of the 25-year $246 billion settlement” Source) States are counting on future tobacco sales, if tobacco sales ceased today, states would be in debt to big Tobacco companies due to taking early installments against future MSA payments. This, coupled with long term reduced healthcare revenue from smokers is the largest cause for US Government’s war on vaping. This isn’t a tin foil hat conspiracy, money matters more than US Citizen’s lives. Elon Musk and SpaceX isn’t going to save vaping in the United States, but your right to vape freely may only be possible on Mars if vapers do nothing. The FDA has not responded to our inquiry regarding their jurisdiction over Mars at this time.

IF you want to know more and educate yourself about the U.S. Government’s war on vaping on behalf of Big Tobacco, please visit these links to explain what is happening with vaping and how you can make a difference:

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This article is an attempt to generate views with the intention of capturing the reader's attention and educate them on what is really happening with our Government and it's self interested focus on money over lives. Obviously it is satire, Elon Musk has never commented on vaping and it's probably the 2,000,389,187th priority on his mind. The author has not proofread the content and immediately went back to playing Fortnight. PUBG is for plebs. 

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