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PJ Bros Offers a Free Shipping Coupon Code


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PJ Bros has created flavors to suit your all day vape habit:

Green Bay - Sweet Lemon Cheesecake is an award winning flavor that fights the stereotype of lemon vapes... the awful lemon vapes that people may have tried in the past that resemble cleaning products... Green Bay is a lush lemon, sweetened while maintaining it's fresh and bright notes, blended with a simple and delectable cheesecake. You will not want to miss this one.

Madison - Blueberry Pastry. It's everything you want in a non-candied blueberry vape. It's rich and complex. Some have said it reminds them of a fresh baked blueberry pie, but we think it's more like a moist blueberry pastry.

La Crosse - Cruchberry Cereal. Oh boy, what E-Liquid brands don't have a cereal vape? It's been done 1,000,000 times before. We like to think of ours as unique in that it doesn't have any hint of lime/lemon citrus and it's complimented with a fresh creamy milk.  It's the balance we strive for.

Superior - Caramel Pudding? Yes it's Caramel, yes it's pudding but that doesn't mean you are about to get sent to geriatric care. It might remind you of the hard caramel candies your grandma always had a bowl of, but in a vape it's very satisfying. 

Eau Claire - Strawberry Creme Brulee - Yes it might sound fancy, well it is fancy, but treat yourself to a delicate and amzing vape experience. 

We like to offer simple flavors given the complexity they need to be all day vapes. Many customers have been with us for years and we look forward to serving you the best eliquid and vape experience of 2018!

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