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PJ Bros E-Liquid 60ML Chubby

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 Product Description

Award Winning PJ Bros presents nothing but the best:

Green Bay - Award winning Sweet Lemon Cheesecake

This slice of creamy dessert is about to show you why it became an award-winning masterpiece. PJ Bros is bringing us an e liquid that they are proud of, and clearly put it a lot of work into, in order for it to receive so much recognition. Green Bay is a sweet Lemon Cheesecake flavor that will make you forget what a dessert menu is. When you first take your pull, you get the creamy cheesecake slowly going down your throat. It is going down smoothly and it might convince you that you love every second of it. When you keep pulling, so that you can get more flavor, you get the lemon kick that will probably blow your taste buds away. It is not that the lemon flavor sneaks up on you, but it comes in packed with a ton of flavor that you were not ready for. The lemons taste rich and fresh as if they were quickly picked off the trees to add to this delicious e liquid. Delaying the adding of lemons will only release the freshness these citrusy fruits have. Do not worry because PJ Bros were way ahead of you. Green Bay begins to explode your mouth with so many flavors, and it can potentially make your mouth water. It may allow you to imagine yourself physically at a restaurant consuming a rich slice of lemon cheesecake. Once you are done eating, you start to exhale and this sweet blend smoothly leaves your mouth. The clouds are getting big, but they are fun to look at. Even though Green Bay may be a filling slice of cheesecake, you may feel as if you have room for another slice, and by a slice, we mean puff. With each chubby gorilla bottle being filled with 60ml of e juice, Green Bay will have you covered every time you need to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.


Madison -  Fresh Blueberry Crumb Cake 

This blueberry crumb cake is about to taste fresh out of the oven once you take a puff of this e liquid. This Madison e liquid is ready to give us a pastry that many of us desire, but no can seem to make it right; and we mean this both in e liquid and in cake form. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are quickly transported into an empty bakery that creates pastries made from blueberries. However this place specializes in crumb cake so that is what you are heading towards. As you keep inhaling, you can taste the blueberries that are very juicy and seem to have been freshly picked by the baker himself. As the flavors suddenly begin to come together, it taste as if the baker has just cut a slice of blueberry crumb cake and is spoon-feeding it to you. Probably not the royal treatment you were expecting, but the crumb cake sure taste fresh and delectable. It begins to make you feel warm inside, but you then realize you have to exhale in order to get a little it more of the flavor this blend has to offer. The clouds are flowing out of your mouth as if it was a crumb cake slowly being taken out of the oven. Madison is finally out of your system, but you still have room for another slice. You take the second pull, and the crumb cake tastes better than before. This e liquid comes in a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle that will carry a lot of e liquid for you enjoy several slices of blueberry crumb cake. Hey, if you are feeling generous, why don’t you host a dinner party and make this crumb cake the main course. Your guest might give you a weird look, but once they get a taste of it, they will understand what you are talking about.




Eau Claire - Strawberry Crème Brûlée

This just got a lot creamy and sweet with the Eau Clair e liquid. PJ Bros is adding this e liquid to their collection of e liquids that are sweet and fresh. It is interesting to savor how this flavor became an amazing e liquid with a rich taste. When you take a pull, you feel as if you just landed in Paris and are now waiting to get your dessert item served to you. However, as you sniff around, you can smell the creaminess of the crème brûlée filling up the room and filling you up as well. Eau Claire begins going down smoothly, and as you keep pulling, you start to taste the sweet strawberries that top off this dessert. You can tell this French restaurant is not playing any games when they bring the freshest fruits to the pastry of your liking. Eau Claire is leaving your mouth filled with a lot of flavors, and as it slowly travels down your throat, you can savor the creamy goodness that it has to offer. As you begin to finish your pastry, you exhale the Eau Claire and it starts turning into a big cloud. First, the strawberries leave, but they make sure they leave a little bit of their sweet taste so that you remember the experience. The creamy frosting later starts to exit with a smooth movement that confirms you will be going for a second pull. With 60ml of e juice in each chubby gorilla bottle, you can have as many strawberry crème brûlées as you want. It will not only satisfy your sweet craving, but it might even leave a smile on your face because you clearly made great decision getting your hands on it. Trust us, we will not be surprised if this is your reaction.

La Crosse - Crunchy Berry Cereal

The e liquid is about to remind you that breakfast sure is the most important meal of the day. Not only is it important, but La Crosse shows that it is best with a hardy bowl of cereal. This is not a regular bowl of cereal that La Crosse e liquid is bringing to you because it is packed full of fruity flakes that are made from berries. Some may even get a tiny hint of milk from this e liquid because what is a bowl of cereal without some milk to make it taste better. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you feel as if you are a child again excited to get a bowl of your favorite sweet cereal to start off your day. The berries that are used in the bowl of cereal taste fresh as they were quickly added to the blend so no flavor escapes. Strawberry is the berry you taste the most because is the more potent one, but as you try to figure out the other berries you are told to relax by the small hint of milk that gives the e liquid somewhat of a creamy feel. As you are close to emptying your bowl, you begin to exhale to see if the e liquid will offer some more of their unique flavor. The strawberry flavor clears from your mouth and you cannot think about a better flavor to go with your cereal. Again, the hints of milk may become more noticeable, but to an extent. La Crosse has suddenly filled you up, but you think you can fit a little bit more, so you go for another hit. Every time you go for another puff, La Crosse seems to get tastier. La Crosse is available in a 60ml bottle of e juice so that you can have as many bowls of cereals as you would like, even if it is not the time for breakfast.

Superior - Creamy Caramel Pudding

 Everyone can go for a little pudding to put a cap on his or her long day. PJ Bros is introducing us one of their unique blends that is sweet and creamy. Superior is living up to its name by giving us an amazing combination that may not be done frequently in the e liquid market. Superior consists of a creamy caramel pudding, which can be a guilty pleasure for some of us when we are craving something sweet. When you take a pull of this creamy pudding, you can almost automatically taste the warm caramel giving your mouth a burst of flavors. You savor the caramel as long as you can because it is the best part. As it smoothly travels through your body, it begins to make you feel relaxed due to the richness of the flavor. You eventually feel yourself finishing your cup of pudding, but Superior makes sure you do not finish this creamy caramel pudding without getting a little extra taste. You slowly exhale and get more of the warm caramel as it carefully exits your body. It is difficult not to enjoy the sugary flavor it leaves behind. The Creamy goodness begins to exit, and you know that once it leaves, you will go for more than just a second pull. This e liquid comes in a chubby gorilla bottle that carries 60ml of e juice. This is enough so that you enjoy the sweet pudding more than just once. Instead of spending your day having to make caramel pudding, just get yourself a bottle of Superior and savor it for a long time. We know it is difficult to resist this delicious e liquid, so do not feel embarrassed if you finish this entire bottle sooner than you expected. We will not judge but will be upset if you do not share.








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 Product Reviews

Write review

  1. favorite juice ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    Absolutely love pj bros!! All juices!!

  2. best creme 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jun 2018

    So I’m a custard Vaper and was a little hesitant because superior wasn’t called a custard but it’s the best custard/cream I’ve ever had.Im in love just blowing through this amazing juice !!! Thanks for this amazing product

  3. My favorite ejuice 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jun 2018

    I've been vaping pjbros since the original lineup with the presidential faces. Barry Os which is now Madison has always been my favorite of the bunch. Believe me if you like dessert / creamy flavors. This entire line is for you. They all vape well for a good all day vape.

  4. love pj bros 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th May 2018

    As always this juice never disappoints!

  5. Green Bay is hands down the BEST 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th May 2018

    Dinner Lady who? Green Bay blows every other lemon vape out of the water

  6. AMAZING Madison 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2018

    Madison is the best blueberry bakery flavor I've ever tried. It's heavy on flavor and easy on coils. 120ml per week for me!

  7. Best Selling Line in our Vape SHOP 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2018

    Green Bay is our best selling flavor in our vape shop for over a year! The entire line is balanced and each flavor has been thoughtfully crafted to be an all day vape. Do yourself a favor!

  8. Delicious 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Mar 2018

    One of my favorite cereal vapes! Pj always delivers quality!

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