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Quadd 60ML Chubby


 Product Description

Quadd is here in 60ML Chubby Gorilla Bottles!


Jarvis - Berry Sweet Creamed Strawberry

Your taste buds will be running mad when they get a taste of this e liquid. Jarvis is part of the Quadd E Liquid collection, and it is an e liquid that will give you the sweet strawberry flavor while also being creamy. When you take a pull of Jarvis, you can feel the creamy e liquid inflating your mouth and slowly moving towards the back of your throat. It will be as if you are gliding around a rink made out of this creamy goodness while performing elaborate tricks that one will only see during the Winter Olympics Ice Skating portion. As you keep inhaling, you see that there are huge strawberries sneaking on to the rink to show you that they are the main event. As they are slowly warming up to do their number, you can taste how ripe and fresh these berries appear to be. Savoring the strawberry creamy mix is something that not many have allowed you to do. Of course, you have tried it in the past, but perhaps nothing to this magnitude. The show that this mix is putting on is one that you will give a ten out of ten. As you Slowly begin to exhale, you can taste the delicious presentation that the strawberries gave you with the help of the yummy cream. As it slowly flows out of your mouth, you begin to score the talent of this e liquid and realize that it surpassed whatever you are going to give it. You already know you are going to go for a second pull but you do not know how many will be enough. All you know is that each chubby gorilla bottle of Jarvis comes with 60ml of e juice for you to try whenever you want and as many times as you want. The Skating completion does not have to end so soon and neither does your experience with Jarvis.


Tront - Exotic Berry Candy


This powerful berry is about to show that it does not only belong in smoothies but in e liquids as well. Before you start assuming that this is going to be most bitter e liquid you have ever tried, remember that there has been worse. Well, maybe there is worse, but that is not the point. Quadd E Liquid is bringing us the interesting mix of acai berry and candy to give you a sweet and sour taste that will leave you reaching for your vape pen several times. When you take a pull of Tront, you can taste the tart flavor of the acai berry filling up your mouth as if your cheeks are about to explode. Acai berry is delicious, which is why it is added to so many smoothies and refreshing drinks, but you have to add a little sweetness to it in order to make the final product taste unforgettable. The candy flavor that is added to this e liquid eventually comes to say hello. Now that you have this blend in your mouth, it is time to see what it has to offer. You receive almost no throat hit, but somehow you are able to get a lot of the flavor that this blend has to offer. This is an interesting combination and you may grow to enjoy the whole thing. The acai berry and the candy begin to mesh well together, and all you might be thinking is where has this e liquid been all your life. Tront does an amazing job adding the equal amount of ingredients so that you are not left feeling as if this e liquid is too sweet or too sour. Suddenly, you realize that you have been holding this e liquid for too long, so you start to exhale and you are left surprised at the amount of flavor that it leaves behind. Massive clouds start to flow out of your mouth and are leaving you feeling refreshed. There is 60ml of e liquid available per bottle for you to indulge in, so take your time appreciating the acai berry and candy blend.


Wesley - Wild Candied Watermelon


This watermelon is about to make you feel refreshed with its juicy goodness. However, this watermelon did not show up to this get together alone; it brought a friend. Wesley is a member of the Quadd E liquid collection that combines a refreshing fruit with some savory candy. When you take a pull of Wesley, you feel as if you are served a tall glass of watermelon juice that will keep you feeling refreshed for several hours in a day. Nothing can compare to the amount of flavor this watermelon gives to the person who tries it. As you feel the watermelon packing your mouth with so much mouthwatering juice, you slowly begin to taste the candy sneaking in and giving you a sweeter touch. No, this e liquid will not be too sweet to handle because Wesley does well when balancing out both of these ingredients. As the candy flavor travels all over the place, it feels as if a whole bunch of watermelons just busted open a piñata filled with only the best candy. Your sweet tooth will not go unsatisfied. There is no knocking on watermelons to be done because Wesley made sure it picked the best ones to add to this e liquid. As soon as you begin to exhale, you can taste the candy just spill out of your mouth because the watermelon is too big to try and squeeze out. Wesley is also allowing you to enjoy huge cloud that can probably set the fire alarms off because they are just so obnoxious. When it is finally out of your mouth, you go for several more hits because, with a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle of e liquid, Wesley is not going to finish itself. Besides, the watermelon wants to show you that it is sweeter than the candy.              




Fiske - Sensational Strawberry Taffy 


You do not have to go to a luxurious candy store to get your hands on this taffy. Quadd E Liquid has created a collection that mixes fruits with the flavor of sweet candy to give it an extra kick. Fiske is another one of those e liquids that combines the juicy strawberry with the chewy taffy that many of us love, but some cannot eat. When you inhale this e liquid, you get the taste of the taffy and you feel as if you are able to chew on the vapor that is going into your mouth. What is taffy without a flavor? As you keep breathing in Fiske, you get the strawberry flavor, which is so rich that you can tell the strawberries were ripe when this e liquid was created. It may allow you to imagine yourself being in a bouncy house made out of taffy, and even if you take a bite of it, it will not deflate or reduce any of the bouncy feelings. As it travels smoothly down your throat, it may feel as if you accidentally swallowed a strawberry flavored piece of bubblegum. Although it may taste like a piece of gum, you will not have to worry about seeing this gum in seven years. Well, that is a myth, but the taste of this e liquid will not forgettable. As you slowly begin to exhale Fiske, and its sweet goodness, you get an obnoxious number of clouds that will probably make your girlfriend wet. As fun as some of us may find this, it will only be worth it because the vapor you release will be savory and aromatic.



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 Product Reviews

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  1. Tront and Wesley 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jun 2018

    Some of the best candy vapes I've had.

  2. str8 fuego 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jun 2018


  3. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th May 2018

    Some of the best juice I’ve tried in the past 2 years of vaping great customer service

  4. Wesley is Watermelon Heaven 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2018

    Best watermelon vape. like summer

  5. Jarvis Jarvis Jarvis 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2018

    You've had a million Strawberries and cream flavors... Jarvis beats them all.

  6. Phenominal 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2018

    One of a kind juice.

  7. Top notch! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Mar 2018

    Cream and fresh strawberries as advertised...great all day vape!

  8. great customer service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Mar 2018

    I ordered a120ml bottle of Calder which broke in transit. I emailed the company and immediately they not only made it right but they also sent some of these to try as well. While all were good the Tront was excellent. Great juice, great company.

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